Rich TVX News Network: EU Finance-Terrorists Bypass Sanctions Against Putin`s Russia

NEW YORK ( — Just as the Rich TVX News Network has been saying all along, after observing the activities of the Moscow banks and money exchanges in Russia by the Rich TVX News Network´ financial analysts, everyone including the U.S. diplomats there knew that something was amiss. The Ukraine war backstory is actually much more complicated, even the war in Ukraine provides an excellent illustration of various tactics of the totalitarian communist regime.  Both war parties were set up, funded and armed by the same cabal in advance of the totally manipulated Russo-Ukrainian War. The same cabal that gave green light to Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for the war in Ukraine is also arranging the financing of the unfortunate Putin regime, the Russian war machinery, and is financing a covert welfare system in Putin’s Russia. Well, there’s a Universal Daddy for everyone.  Never in human history have there been so many extremely corrupt powerful members of Europe/EU all acting in quiet collusion and secretly supporting Putin’s war against Ukraine. Why? Well, the EU power elites have no other way out but to complete their agenda. European gas buyers have already paid for supplies in rubles as Vladimir Putin demanded, and ten more European gas buyers have opened accounts in Gazprombank. The scenario became so repetitive, it no longer made the front pages of Russian newspapers. The Russians can’t believe their eyes at the exchange offices in Moscow: the Russian ruble is getting stronger and stronger. Read more here.



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