Rich TVX — No Death And An Enhanced Life: Is The Future Transhuman?

NEW YORK ( — According to the Rich TVX News Network, the secular progressive Transhumanist movement started a “War on Death.” In general, there is nothing wrong with the Transhumanist movement. They are good people. There are no winners and no losers in the Matrix of life anyway, even some think so. Never judge Transhumanists—show them sympathy, love and understanding. No Dehumanization please. Dehumanization is the psychological process of demonizing people, which can lead to increased violence, human rights violations, war crimes, and even genocide. Transhumanism aims at modifying and upgrading human beings through technology claiming that biological evolution is incomplete and without direction. No wonder, the Transhumanists are celebrating The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab harder than any other movement around! The Transhumanists are our brothers and sisters, not our enemy. Whether you believe it or not, even Klaus Schwab is our brother in spirit. It’s never too late for God, and Klaus Schwab knows it too. Now that we’ve established why the Transhumanists won’t be needing death anymore as they declared  “War on Death.” Well, they believe that modern technology ultimately offers humans the chance to live for aeons. Here’s something equally useless. It’s a meme! Don’t expect anything life-altering. But have you ever found yourself surrounded by spiritual wickedness? Well, that’s another story, but maybe we deserve the apocalypse? The idea of the apocalypse has been popular again since COVID-19 pandemic, but no worries, we are totally gonna win this one. Read more here.


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