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Scandal!: An Explosive Exposé Of The Corruption Of The Daimler AG, Today Known As The Mercedes-Benz Group

Scandal!: An Explosive Exposé Of The Corruption Of The Daimler AG, Today Known As The Mercedes-Benz Group NEW YORK ( — The U.S. has consistently encouraged other nations to seek greater enforcement of foreign bribery violations. In addition, the United States frequently engages in bilateral and multilateral discussions with key trading partners, in which we encourage other countries to adopt and enforce transnational bribery laws,…

Calls for urgent access to Ukraine nuclear plant held by Russian forces – BBC News

The head of NATO has called for UN inspectors to be given urgent access to a Ukrainian nuclear power plant held by Russian forces. The seizure of the site at Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power facility, is said to pose a serious threat to Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Moscow and Kiev blame each other for shelling in the area. Clive Myrie presents BBC News at…

Europe heatwave: France and Germany deal with aftermath of extreme heat – BBC News

Much of Europe is baking in record heat, which has exposed riverbeds and triggered restrictions on water use in many areas. Water levels in the key German river the Rhine have stabilised after dropping dramatically during a drought in the area. Officials in France have said a major fire in the south-west has been brought under control, meaning 8,000 people can return to their homes….

Former US President Donald Trump arch-enemy Liz Cheney ousted in Wyoming election – BBC News

Voters in the US state of Wyoming have ousted congresswoman Liz Cheney, a rare Republican critic of former President Donald Trump, in a primary election. She has been trounced by a relative political newcomer and Trump-backed candidate, Harriet Hageman. Ms Cheney, 56, was one of only two members of her party to join the congressional committee investigating Mr Trump’s attempts to cling to power. The…

Donald Trump Florida home search warrant affidavit requested by US media – BBC News

US media organisations have requested to the courts that the affidavit submitted alongside the search warrant for Trump’s Florida home is made public. The document details the FBI’s authorisation to search Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last week. Government officials want the affidavit to stay out of public view, saying it could “compromise their work”. Please subscribe HERE #DonaldTrump #Florida #BBCNews

Remembering the refugee road from Pakistan to India – BBC News

British India’s joy at independence from colonial rule in 1947 was accompanied by the trauma of being divided into two nations: India and Pakistan. The event sparked religious violence in which up to a million people died. Millions were displaced and forced to rebuild their lives overnight. Sarabjit Singh was four years old when his family moved from Lahore in present-day Pakistan to Jalandhar in…

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