Israel allies urge 'restraint' instead of reaction after Iran drone attack | BBC News

The UK joined Israel’s defence against Iran in order to prevent an escalation of the conflict, Lord Cameron has said. UK RAF jets intercepted a small number of drones bound for Israel in Iran’s first ever direct attack on its territory. The foreign secretary urged Israel to be “smart” and “tough” as it considers its response. Lord Cameron added that the UK did not support…

Is Putin more powerful than ever? – BBC World Service

The Russian economy is thriving, the media in the country is more stifled than it has ever been this century, and high-profile dissenting voices are being silenced – is this controlling crackdown making President Vladimir Putin more powerful than ever? Click here to subscribe to our channel 👉🏽 Following the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Russian leader has played on his network of…

Israel’s top general says Iran faces retaliation despite calls for restraint | BBC News

Israel’s top general has given the clearest indication that the country will retaliate against Iran, following its mass missile and drone attack. General Herzi Halevi, the IDF chief os staff, said that “the launch of so many missiles, cruise missiles and drones into Israeli territory will be met with a response”. It’s not yet clear what form that response will take. The United States has…

Israel demands sanctions on Iranian missile project | BBC News

Israel is calling for sanctions to be imposed on Iran’s missile project after Iran launched an unprecedented attack on Israeli territory. A wave of missiles and drones were fired from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen on Saturday, with most being downed by Israel and its allies. Tehran said the attack was retaliation for the presumed Israeli air strike on its consulate in Syria on 1…

Rich TVX News Network World Exclusive: Alexei Navalny’s Manifesto

In a compelling prison letter doubling as a political manifesto, Alexei Navalny, a leading voice in Russia’s opposition, offers profound insights into his perspective on judges, Putin, and the complex challenges his nation confronts. Despite conviction and the specter of “extremism” charges, Navalny’s revelations illuminate the intricacies of Russia’s political landscape. He boldly condemns those who wasted opportunities in the 1990s and questions the motives of supposed reformers driven by self-interest. Rejecting external scapegoating, Navalny meticulously dissects internal factors shaping Russia’s state and ardently champions the concept of internal accountability.

100 huskies escape from pet cafe in China

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Read more about the story : About 100 husky dogs escaped from a pet cafe and were running around in a shopping centre after a customer accidentally left the door open in southern China. Support us: Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: #scmp #China

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