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Here are some of the latest news around the USA on June 3, 2023: Man faces death penalty in shooting of kids slain while playing with kittens. A man is facing the death penalty after he was accused of shooting and killing two children who were playing with kittens in their backyard. The children were both killed instantly. The man, who has not been identified,…

Yale´s SSRN Paper ‘Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy’ Breaks Records

Yale´s SSRN Paper ‘Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy‘ Breaks Records NEW YORK ( – No, we are not losing the information war, even the term ‘objectivity’ has been redefined by Kremlin-loyal media in the West in typical fashion to conform to fascistic Neo-Bolshevik requirements of the Putin regime. Now in this information war, the big question is not whether we are…

Russia's offensive in Ukraine has 'failed', says former US general – BBC News

The former US military chief general David Petraeus has said that Russia’s operation over the winter “has failed”. Petraeus said the upcoming Ukrainian counter offensive could be “very impressive,” in an exclusive BBC interview. The retired US army general is in Kyiv where he has met Ukraine’s President Zelensky. Please subscribe here: #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews

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