When We Get To Heaven Will Our Sinful Nature Disappear? and more | 3ABN Bible Q & A

Will our sinful natures disappear when we get to Heaven? Find out the answer to this question and many more in this edition of 3ABN Today Bible Q & A with John Dinzey, John Lomacang, and Daniel Perrin.

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1. We Christians have a sinful nature within us but, when we get to Heaven will that sinful nature disappear? When we get to Heaven will our sinful nature disappear?

2.  I came across a verse in the Bible that had me perplexed. The verse is Genesis 11:31. Is this verse saying Terah, not Abraham, left the land of Ur first? If this is true, Terah’s life certainly influenced his son, Abram’s decision to leave Haran when God called. So in essence, Abram didn’t leave Ur, he left Haran. Is Genesis 11:31 stating that Terah left Ur first?

3.   Why do Seventh-day Adventists adhere to certain laws like eating clean animals, while not others like mixing fabrics? It seems like messianic Judaism as acceptance and acknowledgment of Christ however still observing Jewish practices. Why do Seventh-day Adventists adhere to certain laws but not others?

4.     Is it okay to be an organ donor?

5.  My question is about repentance. From my understanding, repentance is when you are truly sorry and emotionally upset about the sin that you have committed. I pray and ask forgiveness for my sins, but sometimes I feel that I don’t have that heartfelt sorrow and feel that it is not true repentance. How do I get to true repentance? I am serious about eternity but am concerned that if I have not truly repented that I will not make it to eternity with Jesus. Please help me understand this process of repentance.

6.     If Jesus Christ faced all trials and temptations in human form, how was He able to fast for forty days? According to Luke 4:2, wasn’t He hungry during the forty days as a human? How was Jesus able to fast for forty days?

7.     Are there specific prophecies we must know to inherit the kingdom of God? 2 Corinthians 5:17, says “if any man be in Christ he is a new creation.” How do we know we are dwelling in Christ? Is it a physical or spiritual change or just a change of the heart?

8.  What does the Bible mean by The Face of God? Did Moses really see His face? 

9.  Should Christians believe in astrology/star signs? A lot of young people think the Bible allows them and I think we need a lot of awakening in knowing the truth about it.

10.  Based on scripture, does the mark of the beast/Sunday law happen first or does the end of probation happen first? What happens first, the Sunday Law or the end of probation?

11.  A friend of mine is telling me that Adam was right there beside Eve when she took and ate the fruit but Adam did not stop her. He is basing this on the last part of Genesis 3:6, which says “and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” I do not like to get into discussions without any biblical evidence and speak contrary to the word of God. Can give some enlightening on this verse? Can you please explain Genesis 3:6?

12.  I cremated my mom and dad and have their ashes with me. Is this considered not letting them rest in peace? Is cremation a sin?


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