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Poisoned Land, Poisoned Water: A Legacy of Environmental Injustice and Racism in a NC Company Town


Alcoa purchased the of Badin shortly after the was founded. They built a large aluminum production facility at the site using electricity generated a dam on the Yadkin River. There are hazardous wastes associated with the production of aluminum. Over the years these wastes have been mishandled producing risk to the , to Badin Lake, and in particular to the African American residents of what is known as West Badin. Although Alcoa closed the plant in 2007, they are still responsible for managing the waste and the related contamination. In this webinar, people various groups working on this problem discuss the situation and the path forward. Organizations include the Yadkin Riverkeeper’s office, the Duke Law and Policy Clinic, the Southern Law Center, local citizens, and others.


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