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Poisoned Land, Poisoned Water: A Legacy of Environmental Injustice and Racism in a NC Company Town

Alcoa purchased the town of Badin shortly after the town was founded. They built a large aluminum production facility at the site using electricity generated from a dam on the Yadkin River. There are hazardous wastes associated with the production of aluminum. Over the years these wastes have been mishandled producing risk to the town, to Badin Lake, and in particular to the African American…

DRC President Reportedly Receives Poisoned Mail, French Investigation Underway

The Congolese presidency received a letter addressed to the head of state containing cyanide, according to the Congolese publication Politico. “It was sent by an international organization based in France,” the police said. The Ambassador of France to the Democratic Republic of the Congo was then summoned. The post DRC President Reportedly Receives Poisoned Mail, French Investigation Underway appeared first on .

Roman Abramovitch “poisoned” at peace talks with Ukraine – BBC News

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators are reported to have suffered symptoms consistent with chemical poisoning during negotiations about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s undertood that Mr Abramovitch was taking part in informal peace talks when he became ill, along with two Ukrainian negotiators. The symptoms are said to have included red eyes and peeling skin on the face and hands….

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