Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie REACTION!

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie REACTION!
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  • GOATED MOVIE! Access to the full movie reaction is now available to our Full Reaction Patrons! https://www.patreon.com/posts/72300339?utm_campaign=postshare_creator

  • Why the hell are people talking about them being fake for re-reacting? Because they didn't EXPLICITLY say it's a 2nd reaction? They make numerous comments that clearly show they've already seen it. They even shared on this channel that they've seen it. If you're still getting mad, it's on you bro

  • Miguel was the MVP during the whole parade, he is the only one to escape alive from Gojo and managed to actually buy a lot of time for Geto.

  • well yuta was the original MC but it wasnt so popular, then they released the yuji megami and nobara as the new MC.

  • 31:00 what are they singing?

  • Faking a reaction, huh? Now i lost interest in all of your videos.

  • Didn't you guys watched it before?

  • can rob shut the f up about gojo sensei, like bro we get it

  • CSM, aot finale, jujutsu kaisen season 2, vinland saga season 2, Spy Family – great time for anime fans

  • This was such a joy to watch in movies theatres 10/10 experience

  • for everyone that’s fuming about the fake reaction and constant bickering about the stupidest shit i recommend y’all go check out “Heatah and Hustla” channel they actually pay close attention to the storylines and give really good commentary that even makes rewatchers see things they may have skipped over their heads the first time watching

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