Iconic EDX plays Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on No Xcuses on iHeartRadio across the United States

Iconic EDX plays Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on No Xcuses on iHeartRadio across the United States

NEW YORK ( – DJ EDX`s recording studio is dark. Behind the decks, EDX plays the track, and the bass line is strangely transfigured by the house beat, but still immediately familiar. It’s ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)‘ all right. But it’s funky. In the best house month for a long time, EDX has come up with a prime cut of house deepness. The future of electronic dance music is live on airNO XCUSES Episode 512 Radio Show on Evolution Radio on iHeartRadio across the United States. This is the bomb. EDX‘s No Xcuses is one of the coolest Podcasts you’ll find anywhere online. Indeed it is. The revolution has begun, another mid-Atlantic, New York/- Stockholm collaboration from Area 51 Records and StoneBridge, and of course, the value of having Swedish Superstar DJ StoneBridge remixing Mama India is the energy he brought to it. The ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ has the funky blend of hard house rhythms and dark, twisted garage dubs that always make the dark and house-led staccato breaks all the way with StoneBridge’s remix, but as far as killer basslines go, ‘Mama India [Reloaded]’ is the mutha of them all. Funky rhythms, cool chords and inspirational instrumentation by StoneBridge.

Indian Summer

Maurizio Colella better known by his stage name EDX, is a Swiss DJ and Grammy-nominated producer. The #1 Swiss artist on Spotify, he was proclaimed a genius by British electronic dance music magazine Mixmag for his production and remixing talent. EDX is currently signed to the Spinnin’ Deep sublabel of Spinnin’ Records, although also releases via his own label Sirup Music. His radio mix show, No Xcuses, debuted in 2011 on Sirius XM and is now broadcast weekly on the Evolution platform on iHeartRadio. The multi-talented DJ and producer from Switzerland, EDX, released the superb song and refreshing production ‘Indian Summer.’

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The Hardest DJ To Ever Play In Ibiza

In the early days, people converged on Ibiza‘s Playa d’en Bossa to celebrate love and peace and created a counterculture movement of freedom and self-expression. Stevo is one of the earliest Techno creators and has produced and co-operated with artists like Turbo B, Doug Laurent, Culture Beat, Sash! etc. He is famous all across the island as “the hardest DJ to ever play in Ibiza,” as Stevo kept delirious audiences going through spinning at dance/techno nights.

House Music Is Getting Back To Peace, Love And Unity, And Encouraging People To Come Together

Mama India is futuristic, it’s taking you places that you still don’t know about, it’s challenging you. That’s why I personally like the track. ” says DJ Delani, one of the co-authors. Only adding: “I think there’s a bigger scope. Maybe in my mind, I have to believe there’s.” After so many years down the line, it’s not just the sound of house music that’s changed. The visions and hopes of its original futurists have too. That much is clear from talking with them. And it’s a statement that would turn out to be way more prophetic than producers Stevo and DJ Delani could possibly have imagined.

People Are Tired Of Corporate Reality And The COVID-19 BS

House music is getting back to peace, love and unity, and encouraging people to come together. That’s so lacking in a lot of music around today. 2021, people are tired of corporate reality and the COVID-19 BS, as their demand higher quality. We could spend all year debating the definitive house track of the year, so here we’ve selected for you the coolest, grooviest, funkiest, must-have track in existence: Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix). The DJs have fallen also in love with the StoneBridge Mix. “Mama India [Reloaded]” will be massive. If  you’re a lover of fat house beats, bad ass basslines and ultra-rare tabla breaks, then “Mama India [Reloaded]” (StoneBridge Mix) is quite simply a must-have.

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) Is Set To Storm The World

Stevo stands on the brink of stardom, as ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ is set to storm the world, also considered already as one of the highlights of the coming Ibiza season. Area 51 Records music executive Kurt Seidnitzer states, “This is the chance of a lifetime. Looking forward to a whole world singing the words, “Mama India. . .”  If you don’t know what we mean yet, you will very soon, well, the scene here in New York isn’t too hot at the moment because of COVID-19 anyway.

One of the world’s biggest DJ´s & Producers: Grammy nominated DJ/Producer StoneBrige remixed and re-produced Mama India. The radio premiere of “Mama India (Reloaded)” was held on Sirius XM in the United States and Canada on November 7, 2020, on BPM Show, one of the Dance/Electronic music satellite channels offered by Sirius XM Radio.

His new single ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ will be out very soon and the record company Area 51 Records is confidently predicting a Top Twenty entry. This is the big time. Considered one of the most exciting new house tracks, ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ is a soundclash of bass-heavy house beats – predicted to become Ibiza’s Summer Anthem, ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix).’ Celebrating the coming Summer of Love again, ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ is a testament to the power of electronic dance music. “This is what you young people call ‘Balearic’. It’s very summery and a bit more funky than the others. The track is dedicated to Ibiza’s most glamourous club Mama India, a secret venue as it used to be a magnet for jetset millionaires and all-round filthy rich people. The infamous dancers are always in full effect with performances from beautiful girls. Sounds are refreshingly wide-ranging with a strong American DJ emphasis. The eagerly awaited ‘Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)’ is Stevo’s slickest release to date on the brilliant Area 51 Records label.

So Good ft Barnev (StoneBridge & Lil’ Joey VIP Lounge)

Philadelphia’s Stereosoulz debuting on Stoney Boy with a massive big room mix of So Good while label boss StoneBridge and long time UK tour resident Lil’ Joey step in and flips it to a proper UK style banger with that fat bottom end and all that bounce. Finishing up the package in style, New York’s Michael Anthony returns with another sexy late night Ibiza groove that layers soulful vocal hooks over serious rhythms to get that head shakin.


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The post Iconic EDX plays Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on No Xcuses on iHeartRadio across the United States appeared first on .

The post Iconic EDX plays Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) on No Xcuses on iHeartRadio across the United States appeared first on .


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