Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Serbia´s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Serbia´s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

NEW YORK ( – An intriguing new report circulating in the U.S. Department of State today says that the brutal tyranny of the authoritarian Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić is now on full display. America’s enemy Aleksandar Vučić has turned Serbia into a rogue state, as Vučić displays no regard for international law. According to Amnesty International, Vučić´s rule is already marked by abuses. It´s an urgent call to the international community to step in and halt the real threat to Serbia´s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, as Vučić rejects basic human values.

Aleksandar Vučić`s Ruthless Pursuit Of Power

Aleksandar Vučić plans to settle personal vendetta with Nikola Sandulović, by increasingly frequent heinous attacks of criminal groups and individuals on Nikola Sandulović and even on Sandulović`s daughter and wife. Physical attacks, phone threats, even sending written threats to Sandulovic’s address, are constantly happening. They were especially frequent since Sandulović was released from custody, when no indictment was ever filed against him, because he was unjustifiably detained and poisoned due to his political opposition to the criminal regime and Aleksandar Vučić personally. The number and disgust of the attacks are culminating these days. Nikola Sandulović, Serbia’s charismatic opposition leader was arrested and poisoned  in prison with a nerve gas by the brutal regime of evil dictator, where Sandulović awoke after coma.

Serbia´s Corrupt, Bloodthirsty Tyrant Aleksandar Vučić Terrorizing, And Beating His Own Citizens

Several thousand anti-covid-19 demonstrators rallied in the streets of Belgrade. Although anti-covid-19 sentiment was strong and widespread in Serbia, demonstrations such as this one received little attention on Serbia´s state television. Nevertheless, Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić created a personality cult centered around his image. Vučić portrays himself as a fighter against invisible dark forces. Vučić´s speeches are full of references to various invisible dark forces working against him and the Serbian people. Aleksandar Vučić shows himself as the leader in the fight to protect Serbs from these invisible dark forces.

Many Murders Remain Unsolved To This Day

Aleksandar Vučić also projects the image of heir to Josip Broz Tito. With this, he tries to instill a sense of history into Serbia. Primarily, he wants Serbs to identify with the glorious years of Yugoslavia, a time when Tito ruled. It is part of the personality cult which Vučić has built to legitimize himself as the rightful ruler of Serbia. Much of the Dictator Vučić’s personality is shaped by events of his youth, when he became actively involved in Vojislav Šešelj´s Serbian Radical Party. Vučić was profoundly influenced by the rhetoric of Vojislav Šešelj, one of the staunchest advocates of Greater Serbia. During the 1990s Balkan Wars, Aleksandar Vučić began to take an active role in the political environment around him, where Vučić´s nationalist activity increased. Aleksandar Vučić never had any type of career outside of the Serbian Radical Party. All of his energies were directed at consolidating power, and eliminating political opponents. Many murders such as the murder of Slavko Ćuruvija (a Serbian journalist and newspaper publisher) or Oliver Ivanović (a Kosovo Serb politician) remain unsolved to this day.

First Victim of the Rising in Serbia: Tyrant Aleksandar Vučić With Blood On His Hands


Vučić’s regime had responded repeatedly to political opposition with violent repression that included countless and flagrant human rights abuses. The International outcast Aleksandar Vučić is the new Saddam Hussein of Serbia who will continue to torment the United States for years to come. Aleksandar Vučić plans to silence the opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party of Serbia, in order to maintain a firm grip on his power, as the Butcher of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić is autocratic and cruel, and he is driven by hatred towards the United States. In an world exclusive interview with Rich TVX News, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia, outlined his plans for the time after the hated dictator Aleksandar Vučić. He has become the de facto voice of the opposition movement. Nikola Sandulović is traded as the next president of Serbia. This interview was conducted by the editorial board of Rich TVX News.

Aleksandar Vučić Plans To Silence The Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

Vučić’s bloody regime does not allow any opposition political activity, if the opposition is not controlled by him. For the last 8 years Aleksandar Vučić has pandered to business interests to augment his own power and wealth at the expense of the Serbian people. Clearly, getting Serbia out of trouble will not be easy, if nothing happens, as the international news media is focused on covid-19 pandemic, Serbia will starve to death, because of Vučić´s poorly planned economic programs, greed, and ruthless brutality. Meanwhile, the Serbian people continue to struggle under the tremendous burden imposed by the covid-19 restrictions of the Vučić regime. By investigating Aleksandar Vučić abuse of power, certain character traits become apparent, Vučić believes violence is the proper response to most situations.


The post Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Serbia´s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović appeared first on .

The post Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Serbia´s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović appeared first on .


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