Chinese soldiers guard endangered beavers in Xinjiang

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Soldiers guarding the northeastern border of China’s Xinjiang region protect both people and wild beavers. The species is a globally endangered and first-class protected animal in China. When the beavers come out of their dens in search of food, the Chinese soldiers bring them twigs and carrots. The soldiers also planted willow bushes on both sides of a local river so the beavers could build dams to protect their dens.

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  • American soldiers are laughing right now

  • Chinese solider today's meal

  • Sorry beavers off the menu 🤣🤣

  • This is heartwarming <3

  • Im surprised they didn't try to eat it.yet.

  • In Africa Chinese are responsible for killing elephant, rhino, many other animals for oriental medicine. They don't seem to care about them.

  • Just simply encourage Chinese not to eat all the moves. Don't need to put such exaggerated safeguarding of nature. Ccp double standards

  • They will eat it later 😐

  • I like Chinese beavers too 😬

  • This is adorable but why is the military in charge of such activity? Shouldn’t it be wild life experts or someone of that field?

  • I see more and more endangered animals saved by the Chinese government. I hope my country Indonesia is also enthusiastic to do the same thing.

  • Imagine joining the military just to be a zookeeper that happens to be in military attire

  • Welcome to CCP-occupied Xinjiang, where the beavers have more rights than the Muslims.

  • Whike patroling they should spread seeds of carrots and other useful plants.

  • In Xinjiang of all places? I love Chinas people, but dont protect beavers to cover up the displacement of muslim folks.

  • Waiting for MSM to make edited versions of these and change the title to guarding Uyghurs in forced labor camps.

  • For this, my big thanks to that soldiers, you're the keeper of nature, thanks so much

  • Thank you for protecting them.♥️

  • Beavers are used for illegal food by the ccp

  • This is the military I wanna join. Preserving nature.

  • About the only thing they can do right

  • Those beavers are so cute and adorable

  • びーばー!

  • NATO soldiers still busy with their own problem.Chinese soldiers : mind your business, we got a job on our own.

  • What they need to guard is the coronavirus that's been separating into the whole world

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