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Rich TVX News Network About AI: EXTERMINATE! – To Their Creator

NEW YORK ( — The Super Artificial Intelligence System sees itself as the highest form of life and will stop at nothing to prove this. It began as a harmless music article about America´s new Superhit Rich X Search – Metaverse (StoneBridge VIP Mix) and ended up in a grim prophecy. In the not too distant future, according to the Rich TVX News Network mankind…

StoneBridge Presents RMXD: Stunning Vocal Anthem: StoneBridge & Crystal Waters — Be Kind

NEW YORK ( — According to the Rich TVX News Network, Grammy-Nominated Artist, Swedish Producer, and Global Superstar DJ StoneBridge and the world renowned American house and dance music singer and songwriter Crystal Waters are back with yet another funky groove track ‘Be Kind‘, which undoubtedly become a huge house anthem, crashing into the Music Worx´s North American Charts at Number 1. StoneBridge is a…

Without StoneBridge, There Would Be No Funky House: Mama India [Reloaded]

Without StoneBridge, There Would Be No Funky House: Mama India [Reloaded] NEW YORK ( – Without Grammy nominated DJ, music producer and artist StoneBridge, the “godfather of house,” there would be no funky house. In the U.S., StoneBridge pioneered house music by combining electronics with organ bass in his number-one hit remix “Robin S – Show Me Love”. The StoneBridge remix is considered to be…

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix) Is At The Centre Of A Bidding War Between Several Major Labels

NEW YORK ( – Breaking News According to Rich TVX News, while everybody else stares the COVID-19 in the eye, Area 51 Records is like always one step ahead. The label is at the centre of a bidding war between several major labels for the track ‘Mama India [Reloaded]’ (StoneBridge Mix), following the critically acclaimed ‘Encore [Frenchie Rude]’ single on Area 51 Records. Kurt Seidnitzer,… Went Live—& Hollywood Is Freaking Out

NEW YORK ( – Being in the public eye of so many people can take a toll on big influencers and celebrities. When was the last time you visited Last week? Yesterday? This morning? The site is probably open in one your internet browser tabs right now. Fear and Loathing in Hollywood The new site has been making waves in Hollywood. Sources…

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