Calls for urgent access to Ukraine nuclear plant held by Russian forces – BBC News

The head of NATO has called for UN inspectors to be given urgent access to a Ukrainian nuclear power plant held by Russian forces.

The seizure of the site at Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power facility, is said to pose a serious threat to Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Moscow and Kiev blame each other for shelling in the area.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by James Waterhouse in Ukraine.

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  • Russia must hold it and dare anyone to attack it. Smart move

  • there are growing concerns ukraine will be a frozen waste land this winter

  • if Russia fires a tactical nuke to kill of Ukraine, we in the west NATO, The US, and The EU must bear some responsibility for the outcome. Instead of politicians trying to bring the war to an end, they have continued to push Ukraine into war, flooding them with weapons and urging them to fight. on This is not going to end well, and it is going to hurt.

  • Maybe putin is guarding it from the scum 1% … don't forget they want to reduce the world population in the name of sustainability !

  • By attacking nuclear power plant and threatening UN, the government of Zelenskky has turned itself from Nazi facist endoser to terrorist organization and public enemy of all mankind. Anyone who still stand with this individual and his administration is clearly endorsing terrorism.

  • When humans are extinct, the rest of Earth's species can begin to recover. 😊👍

  • My understanding is that there is nothing preventing inspections and Russia welcomes them.

  • Russia has it all under control, they used to help build our nuclear plants in the EU !

  • Russians are some real unintelligent people. Lack logic and reasoning.

  • Every day the bent MSM keep telling us the Ukraines are winning this war yet the Russians have taken their nuclear station yeah right

  • Well that would stop the war.But I think if anything that would be self inflicted

  • NATO,Kudos on inspecting the situation!The Russian forces must be totally blind to their own annihilation and the countries which have supported Russia better prepare for your own protection too!This ain't going to stop at Ukraine!More sanctions and a tough word are essential to be passed in the strictest tone to the so called powerful yet completely powerless and egoistic regime of Russia!Those who support Russia must get a glimpse into their own annihilation. Spread it on mass media as much as you can!Ask the Russian soldiers if they are supporting the mass genocide of their own families?!If they stop fighting,Russia will be forced to negotiate!Anyway what's the point in negotiations now?Enough damage has been done and not only the Ukrainian wondrous landscapes and resources are going to be destroyed but also the lives in Russia too are at stake!Russia is literally sitting on a nuclear stockpile smilingly unaware of its own annihilation!Thought the Russian President had more sense in his experienced head than that!Your own actions are going to take you down,Russia!It's surprising that you took up arms against the Nazis!But alas ,the tough competition coming in from Ukraine had not been appreciated!Why did you fight against the Nazis when all you had to end up was doing this against Ukraine?!How can you contradict your ownselves,let not others?!Doesn't make sense!Complete sanctions must be brought against Russia to put an end to this nonsense!What one needs is guts to counter such moves that will take away the right to live from all the global citizens,and mind it ,not only Ukrainians!God,why did you create Russia in the first place?!What did you say,God,Oh,oh,got it,the D-day's near!But I support those Russians who have given a tough fight to their own country's misplaced ideals and goals!Call out your Nos before it's too late,dears, or else be prepared to look at Earth's ruins from outer space!

  • Any MI6 agent work in BBC? :))


  • Ah ah ah, russians occupe the central last 5 months, never was such problem, and only after ukrainian nazis/NATO started shelling that central, that "becamed" a risk, specially because the corrupt and murder ukrainian government's loosing the war and russians send the energie produit there to Crimee…..the west shows how hypocrites and criminals they are, the USA risking provoke a catastrophe in Europe, it's americans operating those weapons to that shellings….

  • Watch "Ukraine on fire"USA is a terrorist nation

  • Watch "Ukraine on fire"See the patterns and protect Taiwan from the US

  • US is busy to buying apple stocks

  • "many years from now we will read of this with virtual reality. all we will have left is virtual reality if we let little boys with toys make noise." – I'm afraid even that won't exist. See my channel

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