Attacks On Mike Lindell By The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Mainstream Media

Attacks On Mike Lindell By The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Mainstream Media

NEW YORK ( – Mike Lindell is an American businessman. He is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc., a pillow manufacturing company based in Chaska, Minnesota, United States. The company was founded by Mike Lindell, who invented and patented My Pillow, an open-cell, poly-foam pillow design. This is not an ordinary Rich TVX News story, and it certainly does not have an ordinary hero. Some major retailers stopped carrying MyPillow products as a result of election-fraud claims by Lindell in relation to the last United States presidential election results. Mike Lindell was also banned from Twitter Monday night, according to a Twitter spokesperson, and a voting company is threatening to sue Mike Lindell. True, the whole world just witnessed the outright theft via a highly organized criminal enterprise. Lindell became an avid Trump supporter many years ago and spent one-on-one time with the president, calling Donald Trump “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history.”

Mike Lindell Was Consulted By The President Because Of His Expertise

American Patriots support My Pillow –

Mike Lindell`s Visit To The President Created A Unique Moment In American History

The relationship between words and images in our culture is highly complex, but as we all know today, Mike Lindell went to the White House to try to persuade President Trump, and everbody saw the Minnesota businessman held notes in his hand as he stood outside the doorway to the West Wing. Mike Lindell was attacked in the past by the fake ever-untrustworthy Mainstream Media for stressing that our country must return to God. It is of this Spirit of America, in the present, and in its expressions, the spirit of people, like the spirit of a man, and Mike Lindell was consulted by the President because of his expertise. Of course, the fake Mainstream Media attitude by then had turned against him. This is what people evidently saw on their TVs, Mike Lindell`s visit to the President created a unique moment in American history, and we all know by now that President Trump has done an excellent job at exposing the Deep State and the NWO globalist cabal, even the entire fake Mainstream Media globally has proved to be a co-conspirator in the election crime as well as in the conduct of the cover-up.

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What Was That Fact?

Inevitably, the presence of real patriots at the White House annoys the Mainstream Media of the Deep State, but a majority of Americans doubted the validity of the fake news reports anyway. Most Mainstream Media in the Unites States would just regard patriots as a bit of a threat to them, certainly the fake Mainstream Media in the United States are extremely corrupt, they break out into a cold, quicksilver sweat at the mention of his name, as Mike Lindell is one of the greatest American patriots alive, and he continues to fascinate the American people. It is more than Mainstream Media manipulation that turns Mike Lindell into front page breaking news, as the fake Mainstream Media have avoided the unpleasant questions, since their presidential candidate did not legally win the presidential election. The depth and breadth of this criminal conspiracy to steal the election can only be gauged by the number of globalist institutions that participated in this crime.

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“We, The People Of The United States, … “

There is now, and there has been since before, a Spirit of America, and it is this which has made the United States. The failure to produce an adequate analysis of Mike Lindell`s visit to the President by these expert propagandists and mind manipulators of the Deep State, assured that others would offer alternative explanations, as the United States of America was made the victim of what is perhaps the greatest psyop ever. The soul of Mike Lindell in the United States today is the lineal descendant of the soul of the people which made the United States of America in the beginning. The Globalists and Democrats are fully aware that they are caught in these acts of election fraud, as this created a vast yawning credibility gap between the Deep State Fake News and the people, and will continue to haunt the new administration.

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The post Attacks On Mike Lindell By The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Mainstream Media appeared first on .

The post Attacks On Mike Lindell By The Fake Ever-Untrustworthy Mainstream Media appeared first on .


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