This all started with 'defund the police': Lindsey Graham

The South Carolina senator discusses the Waukesha, Wisconsin, car plow attack that killed six people on ‘Sunday Night in America’; the suspect, Darrell Brooks, was let loose on $1,000 bond days before #FoxNews #TreyGowdy

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  • Be nice to see you actually act like a republican lins


  • Defund police lol. Wow.

  • Is that a lawyer that is trying to comfort a evil murderer ???!!; now we see why we aren’t safe from these murderers !!; . These lawyers and court people are going to pay a price for their own evil !!! That man just murdered 6 people !! And she is comforting him ??!; he might want to stay in prison now ?! Cause I don’t think people are going to let this evil murderer walk or drive in our world again ! Cause if our laws are working for the murderers now ?!; someone will show you your not going to get away with it !!!

  • fk lindsey. he let voters that gave money for his campaign down. take a real stand lindsey. either your with us or not. quit riding the fence. you smiled when you voted against us. are you happy now. start your own rhino party time for you to get out of the ppls. white house.

  • Simple, end the f'n drug war, end the money and corruption and treat drugs as a medical problem, end civil asset forfeiture.End the 50 thousand Mexicans that die in the drug war every year end the 100 thousand Americans that die yearly from opioid overdose.We lost 59 thousand in 11 years in Viet Nam, these days that is peanuts.

  • If they push back they play the race card.

  • Defund congress and the WH

  • No, Graham it did not! It started when you and your RINO collaborators permitted the obviously stolen 2020 US Presidential Election to be certified!You and your RINO collaborators have failed the USA and there is nothing now you can do about it!

  • The family should sue the state for negligence

  • What did he say that isn't true?

  • You tube doesn't care either, they support the abusers, and criminals!! A slap on the wrist is all they ever get! They're the victims and the actual victims are at fault!! God is coming 🙏 and get right with God!!!

  • Lindsey Graham is the biggest flip flop ever. This rino needs to be primaried

  • USADeaths———Cases799,414——–49,099,590from the Trump VirusCA–74,416—-4,936,983TX–74,017—–4,319,671FL—61,147—–3,731,537NY–57,967—–2,802,052IL—-29,258—–1,784,900PA—33,283—–1,725,902OH—26,483—–1,677,741GA—30,358—–1,659,491

  • This country loves slogans that are produced without much thought to consequences. What does defund police actually mean?. Did they really think that reducing the police budget would help, rather than improving police training? Simple thinking by simpletons?

  • Lindsey is just another RINO

  • Lindsay is spineless and will just flow wherever the wind blows him. Weak, weak man

  • Another fake Republican…what a shame

  • Really Fox news Trey Gowdy and Lindsey Graham the all talk and no action swamp creatures telling us about accountability remember graham and all his Hillary Clinton E mail scandal talk what happened Nothing.

  • Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall,Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.All Russia's efforts and all maga's men,Couldn't put Trumpty in office again!🤣🤣

  • Lindsay Graham isn't on our side.

  • The answer is MORE RITTENHOUSES. Start defending your homes and business. Lock n load

  • I don't trust Lindsey Graham a bit. He is grandstanding on obvious facts that everyone knows for certain. The man is not to be trusted. Chuck Lindsey!

  • Lindsay graham is a joke that likes to get on tv and say a bunch of bull and then goes and votes with Biden every time. if people truly want change then vote out rhinos and vote in trump endorsed people

  • one of smartest politicians in america ,knows how to run committees ,trey gowdy he should get back into politics help turn america back to way it was

  • What I meant is that AOC is one creature too many on this Earth.

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