North Korea struggles with drug shortages amid surge in Covid-19 cases

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Unvaccinated North Korea is battling drug shortages amid a surge in Covid-19 cases. As of May 17, 2022, North Korea has reported 1.72 million cases of “fever” and 62 deaths. The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, slammed officials for their “non-positive attitude, slackness and non-activity” in handling the Covid-19 outbreak, according to state media outlet KCNA. He has reportedly ordered the immediate deployment of troops to stabilise the distribution of medicines in the capital Pyongyang. The World Health Organization said North Korea is one of only two countries not using Covid-19 vaccines.

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  • And now North Korea wants to look like a normal society with these videos lol..

  • When World War Z happened, NK's population just went up and disappeared. Just saying.

  • Those kids had temps of 33.3 and 32.7 etc. They're either taking those kid's temps very wrong, the kids are hypothermic or the thermometer is busted

  • No drugs needed. Just a healthy immune system.

  • Frankly, NK has bigger issues to be addressed. Not even sure why suddenly there is a news report from there.

  • He have three options:1st He can ask Xi for help and only increase his debt to Xi.2nd is he can use his own medical treatment aka bullets.3rd He going to ask help from other countries (This last option it's just a very big IF).

  • Drugs shortage? FYI there is always drugs shortage in n Korea. Don’t make it sound like they always have drugs and now they don’t

  • I'm sure when the country near on its collapse, papa kim will press the red button. not to anywhere but the US. RIP US/

  • lol, north korea showing their true colors , btw its open to tourism ,in case anyone wondering , now probably lockdown

  • 0:46 : kim has also deployed the country's milatary to keep his citizen out of thier misary.😂🔫

  • So much rockets, so few drugs.

  • Hey as bad as it seems I see this as a win 🤷

  • North Korea – we have nuclear bomb🇺🇸 – we have covid bomb. Time to scam with test kit. vaccine n drug

  • Uy uy, nagpapakita na sa media si ama iran 😅🤣

  • it definitely had to be one of the higher ranked people getting it from traveling and spreading.

  • No vaccines, no covid-19 treatment drugs, nor mass testing capabilities and with more than 2 years to prepare. He alone is squarely to be blamed on the crisis.

  • maybe this will be the time north korea would open up to other countries

  • Everybody in North Korea looks pretty healthy. Since when did WHO start caring and being so sympathetic once coronavirus started? Why don’t they get concerned over starvation or AIDS?

  • well, kim shoulda known ,nukes cant prevent corona virus

  • They probably will solve this by trimming the patients numbers down through whatever means available. Shanghai's months-long lockdown would look like heavenly vacation compared to NK's methods.

  • The time has come, this might be the day North Korea falls due to covid

  • I hope the worst for them.

  • Soon to be decreased generals then eh.

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