China plane crash 'may have been intentional': US media reports

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A US newspaper has reported that the China Eastern Airlines jet that plummeted into a hillside on March 21, 2022, may have crashed because of an intentional nosedive. The Boeing 737-800 was reportedly directed to go into a nosedive by flight controls in the cockpit, suggesting it was a deliberate act. A victim’s uncle says China Eastern Airlines must give families answers if the report proves to be true. The incident was mainland China’s deadliest air disaster in decades, killing all 132 people on board.

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China Eastern plane crash data suggests intentional dive, US media report says

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  • Germanwings deliberate crash in the alps 2015 remember? All on board dead. China authorities not transparent. Malaysia crash China just silence fatalities' families. Now this again.

  • This is an indirect admission that Boeing planes have been weaponised to carry out such air disaster. This also happened to Indonesia and Ethiopia that didn't bow to the demands of the West. Stop buying from Boeing planes to stop their future terror attacks on innocent people ! Replace and refit all the components in the Boeing planes that have been weaponised so that they can't carry out anymore deadly terror attacks on innocent people in China.

  • People who are speculating whether or not this was intentional, for God’s sake PLEASE listen to the pilots who are commenting on these threads. They are only trying to educate your ignorance in aviation on the fact that there is no way a plane plunges vertically to the ground from tens of thousands of feet unless someone forced the yoke forward and kept it in a nosedive. Planes do not act that way, and even if a plane entered a dive involuntarily, if no inputs on the yoke was made, it would gain enough speed to level itself out again, then nose drops again when the airspeed slows. It’s a roller coaster effect. There is absolutely NO way a plane dives vertically without control inputs. Its structural design coupled with the way air flows over it doesn’t allow this to happen automatically. So please, listen to the people who actually have experience flying planes. It will do you much better.

  • When it says US media report, I will never trust it. None of US medias are credible nowadays, they're all liars and hypocrites reporters

  • Us media reports = fake news report forever

  • Why can't some Chinese nationals cannot accept the fact there might be a possibility of a suicide….??? Are suicides not allowed by the CCP now?

  • Its either a terrible malfunction that caused the blame to nosedive or an insane pilot. And frankly im not sure whats more scary

  • a rumour is information according to scmp

  • Yes it's true all Boeing accidents in non US countries are intentional.

  • kind of crazy we dont think of exaggeration in American media is a form of propaganda as well…

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