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RTTV Reacts to Zombie Toshiro! Bleach TYBW Ep 22

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War 1×22 (388) REACTION! SUBSCRIBE:​​​ | Like/Share/Comment Early Access & Full Reaction available on Patreon!​​​ #Bleach #RTTV Wellz & Taylors Couples Channel Purchase RT TV Merch Follow RT TV: Instagram:​​​ Twitter:​​​ Follow Robcityrt: Instagram:​​​ Twitter:​​​ Follow Patricrt: Instagram:​​​ Twitter:​​​ Follow Wellz_RT: Instagram:​​​ Twitter:​​​ Follow DCRT: Instagram:​​​ Twitter:​​​…

‘Zombie’ trains in Jakarta aim to attract young people to public transportation

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Zombie-themed trains have started operating in Jakarta, Indonesia, to encourage more people to use public transportation. This, in the hope of easing traffic in one of the world’s most congested cities. The idea drew inspiration from the South Korean movie Train To Busan and will run through to September 11, 2022. Related story: Indonesian beef encounter…

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