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Tenant in China kicked out after not throwing trash for 1 year

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: A tenant was kicked out after her landlord found that the room she occupied had piled up with rubbish. The woman in eastern China’s Shandong province had not taken her trash out for one year. Support us: Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: #scmp #China

RT TV On Going Broke Throwing Parties, Love For Hentai, Rise To Fame & More

RT TV chop it up with Flakko about their come-up, making the big move from Rhode Island to LA, working with Issa Rae, DSmoke, backlash from Eminem Stans, and much more! Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: —– 00:00 Intro 3:18 Started forming as a group before college, inspired by Charlamagne 6:00 Got in the concert business, booked Bobby…

Russia ‘throwing all its power’ at Severodonetsk: Ukraine governor

Russia is using all its available forces to capture the industrial city of Severodonetsk in a bid to control the entire eastern Donbas region, the Luhansk regional governor has said. “The situation in the region as a whole is extremely difficult. Fighting is now concentrated in Severodonetsk because, as we understand it, the Russian army is throwing all its power, all its reserves in this…

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