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Beijing hit by thick smog as it struggles to improve air quality for ‘green’ Winter Olympics

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese capital has been enveloped in thick smog. Concentrations of the hazardous airborne particle PM2.5 were measured at 205 micrograms per cubic metre on January 24. This exceeds the recommended levels of no more than 5 by the World Health Organization. But Beijing and its neighbouring province of Hebei…

Chinese-owned steel mill rains ‘thick, greasy’ dust on Serbian town facing rising cancer cases

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: A Chinese-owned steel mill in central Serbia has been pumping dense fumes into the air, coating the town of Radinac in thick, red dust. Local activists believe that the industrial plant is ignoring environmental standards by releasing pollutants that’s causing rising cancer rates in the area. According to a local health body, cancer cases have quadrupled…

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