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Analyzing Cowboys Right Tackles Josh Ball and Jason Peters vs Texans

Dallas Cowboys right tackle Terence Steele went down with an ACL injury during yesterdays game vs the Houston Texans. And Josh Ball and Jason Peters took over at right tackle. Today we are going to break both of the RT’s games down. 00:00 Josh Ball 12:51 Jason Peters For inquiries: DM me on Twitter Follow me on Social Media: Instagram:​ Twitter:​ Donate here:…

‘Texans love Donald J. Trump’: Gov. Abbott speaks at rally

Before former President Donald Trump took the stage at a campaign-style rally in Conroe, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott, who has already been endorsed by Trump, gave several remarks before the thousands and thousands of people that showed up. Stay informed about Austin and Central Texas news, weather, investigations and sports on our website and social media:

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