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Myanmar faces its biggest challenge yet to its rule amid recent setbacks in war with rebel groups

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Read more about the story: Myanmar rulers are facing the biggest challenge to their authority since the military junta seized power in a 2021 coup. Intense fighting between military forces and rebel groups in the country’s border regions with China, as well as mass desertions of Myanmar soldiers, have been reported since October 2023. After…

Russian military setbacks: Pro-Moscow pundits criticise war plans

Pro-Russian bloggers and analysts have been cheerleaders for the Russian military for the past six months, almost never mentioning battlefield setbacks. But after the recent Ukrainian counterattack and the subsequent Russian withdrawal from Kharkiv, they are now openly criticising war plans and calling on Moscow to be more transparent about the situation on the front lines. Al Jazeera’s @Gabriel Elizondo reports from Kyiv, Ukraine. –…

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