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Like The Jews In Nazi Germany, The Rich TVX News Network Fell Victim To Serbian-Russian Propaganda Website Fakenews.RS

NEW YORK ( — Shocking revelations of Serbian government-sanctioned propaganda. Like the Jews in Nazi Germany, the Rich TVX News Network fell victim to Serbian-Russian Propaganda website It was simple to blame the Rich TVX News Network, as a new form of “political cleansing” in Serbia under the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime. The decision to attack Rich TVX News Network was secretly authorized at…

Rich TVX — Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld´s List: America Has Stood Down Enemies Before

NEW YORK ( — According to the Rich TVX News Network, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was presented to the public by the Serbian government propaganda as an special military operation, even the invading Russians systematically raped and killed women, slaughtered babies, tortured civilians, and razed Ukrainian towns. This is one of the most bitter and painful lessons ever learnt by the civilized world….

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