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Kupiansk: Ukraine orders people to leave city liberated last year

Thousands of people living near one of the front lines in Ukraine are being ordered to leave their homes ahead of a Russian advance. While Ukraine has reported some progress in the south its forces have come under intense attacks near the northeastern city of Kupiansk. Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Kupiansk district in eastern Ukraine. Subscribe to our channel Follow us on…

Ukrainian troops under close gunfire in newly liberated village – BBC News

President Putin is tightening his grip on Ukrainian territory, which Russia partially controls, as Ukraine continues to take back more ground on the battlefield. Despite pressure growing on the Russian leader, he is showing no signs of de-escalation as he has announced that martial law will be enforced in the four areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia, which Moscow claims it has annexed. Meanwhile, a…

Ukraine army delivers humanitarian aid for liberated areas in Kherson

Ukraine is pushing back Russian forces on two separate battlefronts in areas Moscow has annexed – including Kherson, where their advance could threaten supply lines for Russian troops. And as the winter is approaching, Ukraining forces are helping in delivering needed humanitarian aid to residents of the liberated areas in the Kherson region. Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel Hamid reports from Krivvi Rih, Ukraine. Subscribe to…

Ukraine war: Accounts of Russian torture emerge in liberated areas – BBC News

Accounts are emerging of brutality and murders carried out by Russian troops in areas newly liberated by Ukrainian forces. In the Ukrainian city of Balakliya, which was liberated on 8 September after being occupied for more than six months, Russians are said to have used the police station as a torture and interrogation centre. Ukrainian police officers say as many as eight men were held…

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