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What does the increasing recognition of Palestinian statehood mean? | Inside Story

Until now, most western countries have maintained they will formally recognise Palestinian statehood only at the end of a peace process with Israel. But after nearly seven months of Israel’s devastating war on Gaza that’s killed more than 35,000 Palestinians, Norway, Ireland and Spain say they won’t wait any longer. But the European Union is divided on the issue and larger powers like France say…

What does Ebrahim Raisi's death mean for Iran? | Inside Story

Ebrahim Raisi was widely believed to be on track to shaping Iran’s future for years to come. Instead, the country is observing five days of mourning after he died in a helicopter crash. There is no power vacuum, however. According to the constitution, the first vice president assumes power until elections are held within 50 days. So, how will Raisi’s death affect Iranian policy –…

Why is the west concerned by the deepening China-Russia alliance? | Inside Story

Vladimir Putin’s latest visit to China comes as Russia’s dependence has increased in the face of crippling western sanctions imposed over its invasion of Ukraine. Although it’s not directly supplied Moscow with weapons, the flow of Chinese technology and goods have helped its war effort. Western powers are increasingly troubled by this deepening friendship. Will this collaboration extend beyond their borders? Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam Guests:…

Inside the growing business of pet cloning | BBC News

You might remember the buzz over cloning when Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell, was born in 1996. Fast forward two decades and cloning technology has moved on so much that you can now clone your pets. But, animal cloning is still controversial and critics have raised ethical concerns about the wellbeing of donors and surrogates. The success rate of…

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