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Japanese children forcibly sterilised under government programme to prevent ‘inferior descendants’

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: For more on this: Japan’s parliament on June 19, 2023, received a long-awaited report showing that around 25,000 people were sterilised under the country’s now-defunct eugenics law. Under the programme about two-thirds of those who underwent the procedure did so without their consent, including children as young as nine years old. Support us: Follow…

Turkey earthquake: UK engineers investigate ‘inferior’ building materials – BBC News

A UK team of structural and civil engineers is traveling to the earthquake zone in Turkey to assess why so many buildings collapsed. Turkish engineers have provided them with proof of inferior building materials being used in the construction of some buildings – including pebbles from nearby rivers. The team will produce a report in a matter of weeks, designed to improve seismic safety once…

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