Donald Trump arrives in New York ahead of court appearance – BBC News

Donald Trump has landed in New York and is in his Manhattan residence as he prepares to face criminal charges in court on Tuesday. The former US president is said to be faced with charges relating to hush money paid to former adult star Stormy Daniels.  While the exact criminal charges remain unknown, Trump’s lawyers have said he will plead not guilty. Please subscribe HERE…

Global banking system is stable amid crisis, US treasury secretary says – BBC News

US treasury secretary Janet Yellen offered reassurance that the banking system is stable in a speech to bankers in Washington. Yellen said the US government is prepared to help more banks if needed, saying their recent actions have demonstrated their “commitment to ensuring the banking system remains safe”. Fears were initially sparked when Swiss bank Credit Suisse was bought by rival UBS on Sunday. Please…

Giving babies peanut butter could prevent allergies, scientists say – BBC News

Giving young babies tiny tastes of smooth peanut butter could dramatically cut their chances of developing peanut allergies, say scientists. Research shows there is a crucial opportunity during weaning to cut allergy cases by up to 77%. They say the government’s advice on weaning – which says no solids until around six months – needs to change. Please subscribe HERE #Allergies #BBCNews

What does the arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin actually mean? – BBC News

World leaders, including US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have welcomed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to issue Vladimir Putin with an arrest warrant. The Russian president has been alleged of committing war crimes, including the illegal transfer of hundreds of Ukrainian children to Russia. But, while Mr Putin could now be arrested if he sets foot in any of the…

The making of Avatar: The Way of Water’s Oscar-winning visual effects – BBC News

Hailed as groundbreaking in 2009, Avatar’s visual effects took viewers to a vibrant alien world. The film’s much-anticipated sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, had its release date pushed back six times to allow for the development of new motion capture technology. The Way of Water won the 2023 Academy Award for visual effects, as well as a Bafta and Critics Choice Award in the…

Russian fighter jet collides with US drone, says US military – BBC News

A Russian fighter jet has collided with a US drone, causing the unmanned US aircraft to crash into the Black Sea, the US military says. It says the drone was on a routine mission in international airspace when two Russian jets tried to intercept it. Russia said the drone crashed after a “sharp manoeuvre”, and denied that the two aircraft made contact. Please subscribe HERE…

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