Nasa Dart spacecraft successfully smashes into asteroid – BBC News

Nasa has successfully crashed its Dart spacecraft into an asteroid. The American space agency was testing whether space rocks that might threaten Earth could be nudged out of the way. This is the first experiment of its kind by Nasa. The asteroid hit was not headed for the Earth, however scientist Dr Elena Adams said “earthlings should sleep better” knowing they had a planetary defence…

'Truly remarkable' drug can reverse decline caused by motor neurone disease – BBC News

Scientists say they have slowed and even reversed some of the devastating and relentless decline caused by motor-neurone disease (MND). The treatment works in only 2% of patients but has been described as “truly remarkable” and a “real moment of hope” for the whole disease. One leading expert said it was the first time she had seen patients improve – but this is not a…

More protesters killed in clashes with Iran police as unrest spirals after woman's death – BBC News

Battles between Iranian police and anti-government protesters in Iran are now in their seventh day, in the worst unrest the country has seen for years. Protests are continuing in Theran and many other cities following the death of 22-year old Mahsa Amini while she was detained by morality police. Activists say eight protesters were shot dead overnight, while news outlets said two paramilitaries were killed….

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