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Chinese drug makers boost production of fever medicine as Covid-19 cases surge

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Chinese pharmaceutical companies are trying to keep up with the surge in demand for fever-reducing medicine, as the country grapples with a spike in Covid-19 cases after Beijing ended its strict zero-Covid policy late 2022. Officials say production of paracetamol and ibuprofen has risen to four times as much as early December’s output. Support us:…

China opens thousands of ‘fever clinics’ as it shifts Covid focus from prevention to treatment

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: China has signalled an official shift away from its strict zero-Covid policy towards a treatment-based approach to deal with the pandemic. The announcement from top health officials comes amid a surge in coronavirus infections after restrictions, including mass testing and snap lockdowns, were lifted on December 7, 2022. Support us: Follow us on: Website:…

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