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‘We will not stand by’: Nato heads of state meet to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Nato has hosted an extraordinary gathering of heads of state at the security alliance’s headquarters Brussels to address the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The March 24, 2022, meeting of the 30-nation organisation was convened to send a strong signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the world stands united against his “war of choice”….

‘By end of this year, 22.8 mn Afghans will be facing hunger on a daily basis’ – Senior UN official

The UN World Food Programme chief says Afghanistan is rapidly becoming ‘hell on Earth’. David Beasley has warned that extreme food shortage is leaving millions of its citizens facing famine, including children and women. Richard Trenchard of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization shares his views with RT. #news #trending #currentevents ————————————————————————————————– Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us…

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