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Thousands of tourists flock to China’s Great Wall during ‘golden week’, as travel numbers rebound

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Thousands of people crowded sites along the Great Wall of China near the capital Beijing during the extended five-day Labour Day holiday, known as “golden week”. An influx of travellers has been reported at tourist attractions and major transport hubs across the country, including at the Ruins of St Paul’s in Macau and the Hongqiao Railway…

The Truth Behind ‘Birds Aren’t Real' | My Life Online

Bird’s Aren’t Real is a viral conspiracy theory that has captured the minds of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans. Believers insist that the American government systematically replaced the millions of birds in the sky with government surveillance drones to spy on civilians. But are they serious? In this episode of My Life Online, we spend time with the movement’s leader, Peter McIndoe,…

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