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Israeli commander says forces ‘at the gates of Gaza City’

In a major diplomatic development Jordan has now announced it will recall its ambassador to Israel. The government in Amman also says Israel’s ambassador cannot return to the country. The announcement comes as the Israeli military says it soldiers are at the “gates of Gaza city”. This is the deepest incursion since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher is in Occupied…

Fox News “At War” With Trump As MAGA Leader Rages Out Of The Spotlight

New signs that Rupert Murdoch is pushing Fox News away from Trump as the network skips Trump speeches to promote Ron DeSantis. The New York Times reports on Murdoch ignoring Trump as he hasn’t appeared on the network in over 100 days. Hosts showing the divide on covering Biden’s killing of Al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 plotter, with Tucker Carlson saying he doesn’t “feel” safer, as another…

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