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World Health Organisation says Gaza's al-Shifa hospital is ‘a death zone’ – BBC News

The World Health Organization (WHO) has described al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City as a “death zone” after a visit to the site. A joint UN team led by the WHO assessed the hospital for one hour following its occupation and evacuation by the Israeli military. The team said they saw evidence of shelling and gunfire and observed a mass grave. Following an evacuation which the…

Abuse is ‘a stab to the heart’: trolls target families of Seoul Halloween stampede victims

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Lee Jong-chul and Cho Mi-eun lost their son in a deadly crowd crush in South Korea’s capital Seoul on October 29, 2022. But amid their grief, the couple also face a torrent of online abuse that started when they joined a group calling for an investigation into why government officials failed to prevent the deadly Halloween…

‘A clear overreaction’: Beijing rebukes Washington for shooting down Chinese balloon

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: The United States military shot down a Chinese balloon that Washington said was being used for surveillance, a move that drew a swift rebuke from Beijing. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Washington’s downing of the device on February 4, 2023, was a “clear overreaction” over what Beijing described as a civilian weather-monitoring balloon that had…

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